What makes Zeitro unique.

Self-driven Pre-Qualification

Zeitro's proprietary technology, ZeitroAI, understands mortgage and uses its ever-improving expert-level domain knowledge to deliver mortgage decisions.

Automated Initial Processing

Replaces the traditional “stare and compare” quality assurance workflow, reduces clerical errors and turnover time, and processes multiple loans concurrently.

Advanced Document Management

Machine automatically analyze borrower's documents, provides initial feedback on completeness and identifies any mismatches or problems.

Pull data & docs online

Seamlessly and securely collect customer banking history, credit information, financial balances, and asset history.

MISMO 3.4 ready

Conforming to the Mismo 3.4 standard, Zeitro enables secure data transmission and faster decisions with other financial institutions.

Data Security

Zeitro’s cloud-based platform uses state-of-the-art security protocols to keep all your data away from prying eyes.