Digital Loan Origination Service

Reduce human error and turnover time,
scale your business like never before.

Mortgage Processing

Review Document Compliance
- Tax Returns
- Copies of recent Pay Stubs
- Copies of W-2 forms for past 2 years
- 1099 forms, Form 1003 etc
- Bank statement copy
- Renting history
- Gift letters;
- Stocks and Bonds
- Work visa or green card
- Profit and Loss statement for self employed
- K-1's for all partnerships and S-Corporations for the last two years

Credit Check
Loan Estimate Preparation
Collect Supporting Documents
Loan Submission & Condition Clearing

- VoE (Verification of Employment) 
- VoD (Verification of Deposit)
- VoM (Verification of Mortgage)
- Verification of property sale history
- Verification of appraiser signature and registration
- Verification of property location

Review 3rd Party Documents
- Appraisal report
- Title reports
- Homeowners insurance
- Form 4506-T
- Letter explaining any gaps in employment in the past 2 years
- Divorce decree/child support document
- Copies of Insurance assets (Flood, Title, Homeowners etc)

Mortgage Underwriting

Run LPA and DU
Clear Loan conditions
Obtaining a clear title policy
- Verifying insurance policy (flood, home owners etc) 
- Verifying appraisal report 
- Verification of employment or deposits (VOE or VOD)
- Project approval (condo units only)
Title Review
Review title report for title transfer
- Review title report for tax information
- Review title reports for property details
- Review title reports for judgment details
- Review title insurance

Appraisal Review
Verify license and certification of appraiser
- Review current market and comparable properties
- Review inspections done as per investor guidelines
Fraud Review
Verifying borrower residential addresses
- Verifying contractual agreements for relevance
- Verifying 3rd party docs
- Verifying bank statements and credit reports
- Carrying out phone re-verification

Mortgage Closing / Post-closing

- Arranging Closing Costs & Down Payment from Financial Institution
- Payoff Statement Assistance 
- Preparation of HUD Settlement
- Preparing Closing Package
- Collection of Important Documents
- Property Title Assessment
- Preparation of Closing Instructions
- Tax & Fees Evaluation with Settlement Companies 
- Final Preparation and Delivering Important Documents

- Trailing Document Retrieval
- Assembling the Post-Closing Mortgage Loan Package
- Post-Closing Data Integrity Audit
- MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System)
- Tax, Insurance & Reserve Audits

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